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Mary has married and has children and has died by 1785. 
EDWARDS, Mary (I16002)
Mays moved from North Carolina to Grayson County, Virginia, about 1788-89. But then moved to Knox County, Kentucky. In 1820 he was in Whitley County (which had been formed in 1818 from Knox County so we assume the family didn't move, but that the area they lived in simply became a new county). 
MAYS, William "Billy" (I9391)
Robert and Ann sailed from England to Barbados in 1630, where he became a merchant.
In 1630, there was a Church dispute in the Southampton Tribe (Parish) in Barbados. Apparently some of the women in the Church were unhappy with their seats. So, on 17 Feb 1630, Robert Paynter was appointed to re-asign the womens' seats, with Mrs. Paynter to have the first choice. (Virginia Magazine of History & Biography) 
PAYNTER, Robert (I17550)
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ADAMS, Ronald Rogers (I17499)
Ron Adams offers a wedding date of 14 Apr 1857. 
ELLINGTON, Elizabeth Frances (I237)
Served with Gen. Morgan in Kentucky during the Civil War (Confederacy), killed in action. Reference: "History of Randolph County", 1920. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Robert Nathaniel Green (I17353)
She burried behind the family home which still stands on Rt. 669 in Baskerville, VA. 
LETT, Faithy H. (I17626)
Sir Edward Montague, of Boughton, Lord Chief Justice of England, a descendent of the second marriage of Joan Plantagenet, daughter of Edward I & Eleanor of Castile. 
MONTAGUE, Edward of (I1658)
Stephen and his brother George are listed as Revolutionary war soldiers by the North Carolina D.A.R. (p.364). 
WILLIS, Stephen (I4862)
The marrage to Elizabeth Shackleford lists Philip Baynes as the bondsman. We believe Philip is Eaton Baynes' brother. If that is the case, it makes him the brother also to Thornton Baynes; and all sons to John Baynes Sr.
That is also the conclusion of Stephen Wall who has provided considerable information on the Baynes family. 
BAYNES, Eaton (I1573)
The only connection we have for Jemima as a child of Richard C. Terrell is the listing of Richard C. as surity on the marriage.
Jamima was widowed fairly early and is believed to have lived with one of her children until her death after 1830. 
TERRELL, Jemima (I1679)
This John Baynes was a revolutionary war soldier. He filed for compensation after the war in Perry County, IL. 
BAYNES, John , Jr. (I16188)
Thomas Powers, noted in the 1820 Mecklenburg County census might be a son of Benjamin Powers. 
POWERS, Benjamin M. (I788)
Was a teacher. Never married. Died of TB about age 50. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Lolah (I17361)
We are not certain of Mary's last name. Linda Banwarth, who's done considerable research, offers the speculation of the name Daniel. 
DANIELS, Mary (I16001)
While Armistead King is listed amoung the founders of Sharon Baptist Church (later Wise Baptist Curch) and while its reported he is burried in the Church cemetary, an exhaustive search of tombstones there (in 1995) fails to show a stone. It is possible the stone never existed or is missing or its possible he is burried elsewhere. 
KING, Armistead G. (I2865)
"Avery, son of Robert Tyrrold of Habourne, was joint executor with his mother, Agnes, and was therefore presumably the eldest son. The executor of Avery's will, which was proved on the 27th May 1584, was his son, Robert." (Brown)
TYRROLD, Avery (I17346)
"The executor of the will of David Turrolde, husbandman of West Hagbourne, which was proved on 15th Jan 1577/8 was his only son William." O.F. Brown 
TURROLDE, David (I1634)
"The legatees of Robert Tyrrold of Hagbourne in the county of Berkshire, whose will was proved on the 13th August 1545, included his four sons, William, David, Richard & Avery." (O.F. Brown) 
TYRROLD, Robert (I17342)
According to a book on the Shreve family by Roxy Ammerman (on record with the DAR), William D. Shreve was a Captain in the war of 1812. DAR record #6831. 
SHREVE, William D. (I1567)
71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LOVE, John Ellett (I2486)
According to John A. Terrell, Jr., Jesse was married twice. His first wife was Nancy Strange. In addition to the son listed below, Julius; John Jr. speculates there may have been a second son, Jesse Junior.
Jesse's second wife was Nancy Hill of Pittsylvania. They were married in 1822 and soon moved to Tennessee. The Jesse & Nancy Hill line is provided by Mary Leggett (8657 Gateshead Rd, Alexandria, VA 22309) who notes the gap of 14 years between the birth of Jesse and James. We should note that we do not know the order of birth of Richard C. Terrell's children, except that there is evidence that James was among the youngest. 
TERRELL, Jesse (I2515)
After the death of her mother, sometime after 1900, her father placed her in a boarding school in Enterprise, NC. 
KING, Rowan Rebecca (I16070)
Armistead King and his two oldest sons served in the Confederate Army. His second wife, Lucy King, received a pension for that service. That pension shows he served in Company F, 12th Regt, NC State Troops.
She was still alvie and living in Wise as late as 1927, but was described as old and feeble then. 
KING, Armistead G. (I2865)
Around 1845, he received a loan from his wife's uncle, William Palmer, and with the $500 he bought a farm near Merrymount in Warren County, NC. Later (after 1870) he moved to Texas. 
CURTIS, Churchwell (I17625)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ELLER, Alice Barbara (I3692)
Biography of the Terrill family in the "History of Randolph County", 1921, says that he served for the Confederacy under General Sterling Price (as did my ancestor H.H. Wayland), and was killed in the war. Another source I have gives his date of death as being 22 Oct 1857, but this could not be correct as the war did not start until 1860. I have no evidence that he married. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, James Benjamin (I17351)
Cecil apparently was involved with his sister and brother-in-law in the founding of the King (later McKee) Bakery. 
KING, Cecil (I16120)
Charles Edwards is something of a mystery. Until he marries Letty Martin Wade, we've found little about him. We do know he had a brother, Thomas, who lived on some of Charles' land holdings in in Granville County, NC. Linda Banwarth believes there are also brothers William, Jesse, Benjamin and possibly Lewis.
Charles died in 1790 leaving considerable property in Halifax County, Virginia, and Granville County, North Carolina. His estate showed he owned 30 slaves. It is likely the land came from his wife's first husband, Edward Wade. 
EDWARDS, Charles (I49)
80 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. POWERS, Clarke Wilson (I512)
Cynthia Ann T. Perkinson's death certificate says her father was Travis Talley and her mother was Sallie Fox. 
Fox, Sallie (I16387)
Daniel sold his land in Prince Edward (VA) County in 1813, and moved to Rockingham County, NC where he had been granted 314 acres in 1810. 
ELLINGTON, Daniel (I17571)
Eddie Gray Powers lived in the Washington DC area in the 40's. Later he lived in Omaha. He moved to Santa Barbara, California, in the late 60's with his Mother-in-law Emma Walker and her second husband, Clarke Clarence Wilson.
He was in the Navy for four years, then worked for the Corps of Engineers as a comptroller specialist. He retired in 1967 in Omaha, NE. 
POWERS, Eddie Gray (I363)
Gene was a teacher. He committed suicide about age 53. He had a son, Thurman, who lived in the southwest...possibly Albuqurque, New Mexico. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, William Eugene (I17358)
Heber Hinchey enlisted in the Army and served in World War One. 
HINCHEY, Joseph Benjamin (I16107)
Her obit. says that she left 30 grandchildren. She is listed as living in the family of Wm. S. Christian (son-in-law) in the 1870 census. Her husband died in 1869, and she may have moved in with her dtr. as she was age 60. There is also the possibility that the dtr. and her family may have moved in with her on her large farm; the census would probably still have listed the man as head of household, even though she owned the house and farm. On later reading of her obit, it says that she had been very feeble for some time and had for several years been bereft of her eyesight (most likely diabetes). (Wm Wayland) 
CALVIN, Anne (I17349)
In his will, this John Eller (and there are a lot of John Ellers) mentions John Melchoir Eller II as the son of his sister, Susanna.
John's will mentions that his wife deserted him. His wife could be Margaret Lemly (marr. 26 Apr 1808). While that would put his marriage fairly late in his life, the marriage record for Rowan County shows Ms. Lemly married John Eller Senior (which would tend to support him being somewhat older).
There appear to have been no children as he leaves his plantation to John Eller, son of his sister Susanna and her husband John Eller and $25 to John Eller, son of John Melcher Eller.
He also provided well for one Caty Thiles, about whom we know nothing. (Hook) 
ELLER, John (I908)
It appears the Patrick Terrell family, along with the families of his brothers, moved from North Carolina to Weakley County, Tennessee. 
TERRELL, Jeptha , Jr. (I9396)
Jehoida Musick was in the Revolutionary war battle of Kings Mountain at the age of only 15. 
MUSICK, Jehoida (I4572)
John A. Terrell Junior says Pliney Fisk Terrell (his name is also shown as Pentius and Plenteous)) was a Baptist minister. He apparently married a widdow, a Mrs. Farthing, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, right after the Civil War. John Junior says everyone believed Mrs. Farthing's first husband died in the Civil War. However, after she remarried, her first husband re-appeared one day, and Pliney Fisk Terrell left, broken hearted.

John Junior says he bacame something of a "hermit" on land between Thaddeus Terrell's and Harvey Street Powers' land in Lunenburg County. John Junior says he was something of a beloved character in the area. He reportedly always had "rock candy" to give to children.

Pliney Fisk Terrell and his brother, Sam Banks Terrell, did not stay on their father's farm as long as their father wanted and he gave them no share of his estate. 
TERRELL, Pliney Fisk (I2471)
John Baynes is in Mecklenburg County (Virginia) in the Census of 1780. It shows his household with 11 white persons and one black. We know of five of those people: John and wife and three children.
John names sons Thornton and Philip in land trasactions (1802 & 1808). A daughter Nancy is mentioned in James Yancey's will in 1777. Those are the three children we KNOW.
John refers to himself as John SENIOR in the land transactions noted above and at the James Yancey estate sale in 1779, a John Baynes JUNIOR buys a snuff box. That adds a probable sixth person.
Eaton Baynes names Philip Baynes as bondsman in his marriage. Both Stephen Wall and I believes he is a brother. That makes seven.
That means there could be four more children. Possibilities include James, Polly, Fanney & Isabella all of whom are married in Caswell County between 1810 and 1819. But we have no evidence and in fact, its quite possible they are Philp's children.
One other note, one of John Baynes Senior's daughters marries Joshua Westbrook. On 13 Oct 1803 (DB11 P494) Baynes gives Westbrook a slave. He clearly identifies Westbrook as his son-in-law.

BAYNES, John , Sr. (I16184)
John Ellington Junior was granted land in Prince George County (VA) in 1776. Then on 20 Sep 1779, he moved to Bute County NC (later to become Warren County). On 7 Jun 1780, he patented 611 acres (Grant #26, State of NC). This land is described as being between Hawtree and Smith Creeks. It is ironic that the author of this genealogy now owns a home just across the state line (in Virginia) between the Hawtree and Smith Creeks.
Ron Adams says John Ellington Jr's will is filed in the Amelia County (Va) Will Book #3, dated 5 Mar 1783. 
ELLINGTON, John , Jr. (I17581)
John Ellington received several tracts of land in Prince George (VA) County in an area that later became Amelia County, The earliest was on 8 May 1712 (Record Book 1, part 3, page 750). There were several surveys, showing well over 2000 acres. 
ELLINGTON, John , Sr. (I17598)
John L. Paynter is listed in his father's will. He apparently went by his middle name: Lillian. And we initially had him listed as a daughter. Lois (Paynter) confirms that Lillian was, indeed, an older gentleman when she was a young girl. 
PAYNTER, John L. (Lillian) (I17606)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. POWERS, John Thomas (I4)
Joseph Cabel Love taught in the Agriculture Department at Virginia Tech. Upon his father's death, he returned to Kenbridge to take over his father's tobacco business. He also helped found the local Benchmark Bank. 
LOVE, Joseph Cabell (I2482)
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PAYNTER, Joyce Ann (I39)
Like his older brother and his father, Robert King joined the Confederate Army. He was 16 when he joined on 14 Feb 1863. He enlisted as a "substitute." He served with Company C, 46th Regt, North Carolina Troops. De deserted to the enemy about March 14, 1865. He was reportedly confined in Washington on 18 Mar 1865. And then was released after taking an Oath of Allegiance. 
KING, Robert P. (I16068)
Marguerite Schmitz worked as a beautician in Washington, DC. Later she was a cosmetic saleswoman. 
SCHMITZ, Marguerite Monica (I510)
Mary Oakam is described as "a widow." 
OAKAM, Mary (I15974)

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