Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Wayne County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Branscum, Roy Escar  8 Jan 1906Wayne County, KY I22059 Christian Eller 
2 Brumley, Donald Wayne  5 Oct 1963Wayne County, KY I20944 Christian Eller 
3 Burton, Bert Ellis  15 Nov 1934Wayne County, KY I87 Mary Polly Eller 
4 Burton, Carol Ann  12 Mar 1949Wayne County, KY I134 Mary Polly Eller 
5 Burton, Carol Ann  12 Mar 1949Wayne County, KY I20910 Christian Eller 
6 Burton, Lillard Salvage  11 Dec 1923Wayne County, KY I83 Mary Polly Eller 
7 Burton, Lillie Flossie  14 Jul 1931Wayne County, KY I86 Mary Polly Eller 
8 Burton, Mossie Opal  22 Dec 1916Wayne County, KY I80 Mary Polly Eller 
9 Burton, Romie Osbern  22 Feb 1919Wayne County, KY I81 Mary Polly Eller 
10 Coffee, Sybil Gail   I22302 Christian Eller 
11 Dean, Jesse Golson  19 Aug 1890Wayne County, KY I22221 Christian Eller 
12 Decker, Beatrice Kay   I22172 Christian Eller 
13 Decker, Lexie Marie   I22230 Christian Eller 
14 Denney, Kathryn Sue   I22170 Christian Eller 
15 Duncan, Isaac Alexander Thomas  13 May 1853Wayne County, KY I14843 Christian Eller 
16 ELLER, Abigail Elizabeth  Aug 1849Wayne County, KY I18990 Christian Eller 
17 Eller, Alice Marie  22 Jan 1915Wayne County, KY I93 Mary Polly Eller 
18 Eller, Alma Lee  21 Nov 1911Wayne County, KY I92 Mary Polly Eller 
19 Eller, Barbara Louise  18 Jun 1929Wayne County, KY I8 Mary Polly Eller 
20 Eller, Carl G.  21 Nov 1920Wayne County, KY I78 Mary Polly Eller 
21 Eller, Carl Green  21 Nov 1920Wayne County, KY I20892 Christian Eller 
22 Eller, Chester L.  23 Feb 1928Wayne County, KY I14 Mary Polly Eller 
23 Eller, Edna M. "Bea"  17 Apr 1923Wayne County, KY I127 Mary Polly Eller 
24 Eller, Emily E.  1846Wayne County, KY I12073 George Michael Eller 
25 ELLER, Emily Elizabeth  11 Oct 1846Wayne County, KY I13408 Christian Eller 
26 Eller, Everett Lawrence  1 May 1930Wayne County, KY I131 Mary Polly Eller 
27 Eller, Everett Lawrence  1 May 1930Wayne County, KY I20898 Christian Eller 
28 Eller, Frances  1846Wayne County, KY I12074 George Michael Eller 
29 ELLER, Francis  1847Wayne County, KY I13410 Christian Eller 
30 Eller, Fred Ray  29 Mar 1941Wayne County, KY I11 Mary Polly Eller 
31 Eller, George  Wayne County, KY I12072 George Michael Eller 
32 Eller, Hester Ann  4 Aug 1941Wayne County, KY I20942 Christian Eller 
33 Eller, Hester Ann  14 Aug 1941Wayne County, KY I225 Mary Polly Eller 
34 Eller, Rev. Jack Milton  17 Nov 1935Wayne County, KY I29 Mary Polly Eller 
35 ELLER, John Wesley Jr.  13 Jan 1841Wayne County, KY I18986 Christian Eller 
36 ELLER, John William  2 Jan 1849Wayne County, KY I13411 Christian Eller 
37 Eller, John William  2 Jan 1849Wayne County, KY I12075 George Michael Eller 
38 Eller, Josephine  11 Aug 1810Wayne County, KY I91 Mary Polly Eller 
39 Eller, Julia Ann  21 Apr 1847Wayne County, KY I14782 Christian Eller 
40 Eller, Leander  Wayne County, KY I12071 George Michael Eller 
41 Eller, Lillie Maude  6 Jan 1900Wayne County, KY I66 Mary Polly Eller 
42 Eller, Luther Selvidge  19 Oct 1897Wayne County, KY I65 Mary Polly Eller 
43 Eller, Malinda Norfleet "Linnie"  10 Dec 1852Wayne County, KY I14806 Christian Eller 
44 Eller, Marshall R.  17 Nov 1921Wayne County, KY I20894 Christian Eller 
45 Eller, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1833Wayne County, KY I47 Mary Polly Eller 
46 ELLER, Mary "Polly"  1833-1835Wayne County, KY I18983 Christian Eller 
47 Eller, Milton Green  24 Dec 1894Wayne County, KY I64 Mary Polly Eller 
48 Eller, Nancy Jane  24 Jan 1849Wayne County, KY I14808 Christian Eller 
49 Eller, Philip D.  27 Jul 1937Wayne County, KY I10 Mary Polly Eller 
50 Eller, Rickie C.  27 Feb 1950Wayne County, KY I16 Mary Polly Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashurst, Mary Ellen  1904Wayne County, KY I20858 Christian Eller 
2 Burton, Carol Ann  12 Mar 1949Wayne County, KY I134 Mary Polly Eller 
3 Burton, Carol Ann  12 Mar 1949Wayne County, KY I20910 Christian Eller 
4 ELLER, Abigail Elizabeth  21 Nov 1920Wayne County, KY I18990 Christian Eller 
5 Eller, Alice Marie  23 Jul 1997Wayne County, KY I93 Mary Polly Eller 
6 Eller, Alma Lee  29 Feb 1932Wayne County, KY I92 Mary Polly Eller 
7 Eller, Daniel Green  24 Jul 1944Wayne County, KY I20851 Christian Eller 
8 Eller, Daniel Green "Dan"  24 Jul 1944Wayne County, KY I49 Mary Polly Eller 
9 Eller, Everett Lawrence  20 Jul 1932Wayne County, KY I131 Mary Polly Eller 
10 Eller, Everett Lawrence  20 Jul 1932Wayne County, KY I20898 Christian Eller 
11 Eller, Hester Ann  15 Nov 1995Wayne County, KY I20942 Christian Eller 
12 Eller, Rev. Jack Milton  13 Jul 2020Wayne County, KY I29 Mary Polly Eller 
13 Eller, James M.  19 Jan 1929Wayne County, KY I43 Mary Polly Eller 
14 ELLER, James Milton  1 Feb 1926Wayne County, KY I18988 Christian Eller 
15 ELLER, John Wesley Sr.  1880Wayne County, KY I940 Christian Eller 
16 Eller, John Wesley  1880Wayne County, KY I53 Mary Polly Eller 
17 Eller, Milton Green  27 Jan 1967Wayne County, KY I64 Mary Polly Eller 
18 ELLER, Sarena  27 Jan 1950Wayne County, KY I18993 Christian Eller 
19 Goodrick, Cynthia  1843Wayne County, KY I18982 Christian Eller 
20 Goodrick, Cynthia  1843Wayne County, KY I54 Mary Polly Eller 
21 Hall, Sharlotta Myrtle  22 Jun 1949Wayne County, KY I45 Mary Polly Eller 
22 Perkins, Mayme Ellen  8 May 1978Wayne County, KY I21200 Christian Eller 
23 Wilson, Sarenia  20 Sep 1904Wayne County, KY I55 Mary Polly Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnes / Crabtree  14 Jun 1973Wayne County, KY F5 Mary Polly Eller 
2 Cooper / ELLER  18 Feb 1840Wayne County, KY F6842 Christian Eller 
3 Eller / Burton  20 Aug 1909Wayne County, KY F31 Mary Polly Eller 
4 ELLER / Dick   F6777 Christian Eller 
5 ELLER / Goodrick  28 Dec 1831Wayne County, KY F6775 Christian Eller 
6 Eller / Goodrick  28 Dec 1831Wayne County, KY F24 Mary Polly Eller 
7 Eller / Hall  24 Jan 1898Wayne County, KY F20 Mary Polly Eller 
8 Eller / Hall   F7525 Christian Eller 
9 Eller / Isbill  19 Feb 1871Wayne County, KY F21 Mary Polly Eller 
10 Eller / Isbill   F7524 Christian Eller 
11 ELLER / Lipsey  Abt 1830Wayne County, KY F6688 Christian Eller 
12 Eller / Wilson  19 Mar 1844Wayne County, KY F25 Mary Polly Eller 
13 ELLER / Worley   F7770 Christian Eller 
14 Gadberry / ELLER  1 Dec 1826Wayne County, KY F6782 Christian Eller 
15 Hart / Stockton    F8021 Christian Eller 
16 Shearer / ELLER  8 Jun 1840Wayne County, KY F6779 Christian Eller