Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   Virginia I751 Jacob Eller 3  
2 ABBOTT, Elsie May   I61058 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
3 Acton, James S.  Abt 1765Virginia I411 Jacob Eller 3  
4 ALLEN, Mildred Aylett  7 Feb 1753Virginia I9893 Christian Eller 
5 ANDERSON, Fanny  26 Jul 1785Virginia I9896 Christian Eller 
6 ARCHER, Mildred "Middy"  1709Virginia I14965 Jacob Eller 
7 BAILEY, Thomas  10 Apr 1784Virginia I981 Christian Eller 
8 Baldwin, John A JR  Abt 1810Virginia I312295770091 McKillip Family 
9 BARKER, Delitha  1839Virginia I3188 Christian Eller 
10 BARKER, Eaton Baynes (Eat)  1844Virginia I3194 Christian Eller 
11 BARKER, Henry Thornton  1848Virginia I3193 Christian Eller 
12 BARKER, Joe  1846Virginia I3191 Christian Eller 
13 BARKER, Rhody  1852Virginia I3189 Christian Eller 
14 BARKSDALE, Annie  Abt 1786Virginia I4997 Christian Eller 
15 BARKSDALE, Henry (Harry)  Abt 1798Virginia I4995 Christian Eller 
16 BARKSDALE, Macarine (Mirah)  Abt 1790Virginia I4999 Christian Eller 
17 BARKSDALE, Nancy  Abt 1783Virginia I4994 Christian Eller 
18 BARKSDALE, Samuel  Abt 1781Virginia I4993 Christian Eller 
19 BARKSDALE, Terrell  Abt 1784Virginia I4996 Christian Eller 
20 BAYNES, Elizabeath (Betty)  Abt 1819Virginia I36 Christian Eller 
21 BAYNES, Thornton  3 Mar 1775Virginia I16186 Christian Eller 
22 Bentley, Eppie M  Abt 1907Virginia I2244 Jacob Eller 3  
23 Bentley, Lula J   I2245 Jacob Eller 3  
24 Bishop, Lois Diane   I13561 George Michael Eller 
25 Boldin, John A  Abt. 1785Virginia I312295770085 McKillip Family 
26 BOWER, Elmer Josiah   I60981 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
27 BURNLEY, Hannah Willis  1784Virginia I5035 Christian Eller 
28 BURNLEY, Israel  1725Virginia I1847 Christian Eller 
29 BUTLER, Edward  10 Feb 1748Virginia I7163 Christian Eller 
30 CHASTAIN, Elijah  25 Mar 1776Virginia I14961 Jacob Eller 
31 CHASTAIN, John Rev. "Ten Shilling Bell"  1743Virginia I14963 Jacob Eller 
32 CHASTAIN, Pierre "Peter" Jr.  Abt 1708Virginia I14964 Jacob Eller 
33 CHILDERS, Laura Ella  Jan 1860Virginia I98096 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
34 Corbin, Mary C  Jul 1872Virginia I2271 Jacob Eller 3  
35 DANDRIDGE, Richard Allen  15 Jun 1784Virginia I9895 Christian Eller 
36 DOWDY, Sidney Hilldrop  14 Apr 1940Virginia I61315 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
37 Dunfield, George  1854Virginia I14844 Christian Eller 
38 EDWARDS, John , Sr.  Abt 1770Virginia I17838 Christian Eller 
39 ELLER, Henry  9 Jun 1817Virginia I25 Christian Eller 
40 ELLER, Henry S.  8 May 1808Virginia I939 Christian Eller 
41 ELLER, John Wesley Sr.  About 1810Virginia I940 Christian Eller 
42 Eller, John Wesley  1810Virginia I53 Mary Polly Eller 
43 ELLER, Malinda  1810Virginia I930 Christian Eller 
44 Eller, Manuel J.   I13568 George Michael Eller 
45 ELLER, Rufus  Virginia I921 Christian Eller 
46 ELLER, Sarah "Saloma"  23 Aug 1787Virginia I131643 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
47 ELLER, Stephen  1822Virginia I931 Christian Eller 
48 ELLER ?, Christian  1780Virginia I919 Christian Eller 
49 Farrell, Chas. M.  Abt 1871Virginia I312097139297 McKillip Family 
50 Farrell, David E.  Abt 1876Virginia I312097139300 McKillip Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Mildred Aylett  22 Mar 1822Virginia I9893 Christian Eller 
2 ANDERSON, Fanny  22 Jun 1822Virginia I9896 Christian Eller 
3 BRUBAKER, John  3 Jun 1887Virginia I97007 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
4 BRUBAKER, Magdaline A.  28 Nov 1864Virginia I97085 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
5 ELLER, Annie Leah  15 Oct 1966Virginia I107178 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
6 Eller, Norman Dale  2 Jan 2011Virginia I12991 George Michael Eller 
7 ELLER, William  1910Virginia I762 Christian Eller 
8 FLORA, Susannah  1 Aug 1886Virginia I97019 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
9 FORE, Cammie Elijah  1 Aug 1966Virginia I14450 Jacob Eller 
10 NICHOLS, Cora Mae  18 Sep 1987Virginia I7959 Jacob Eller 
11 Price, Archibald  3 Mar 1837Virginia I19001 Christian Eller 
12 SHOOK, James David  15 Feb 1966Virginia I7931 Jacob Eller 
13 SOBLET, Anne  3 Apr 1723Virginia I14942 Jacob Eller 
14 WOOD, Abraham  Virginia I9658 Christian Eller 
15 [Unknown], Magdalena  1830Virginia I65 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARNHART / ELLER  3 Jan 1856Virginia F30735 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
2 BOWER / HUFFMAN   F26270 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
3 BRUBAKER / MILLER  18 Mar 1860Virginia F41999 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
4 CHASTAIN / ARCHER  1730Virginia F5011 Jacob Eller 
5 CHASTAIN / SOBLET  Abt 1701Virginia F5007 Jacob Eller 
6 DANDRIDGE / ANDERSON  9 Mar 1803Virginia F3518 Christian Eller 
7 GARST / ELLER  28 Dec 1809Virginia F3534 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
8 GEE / Ingram  3 Mar 1762Virginia F297 Christian Eller 
9 HUFFMAN / ABBOTT   F26273 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
10 HUFFMAN / GARMAN  22 Dec 1921Virginia F25938 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
11 HUFFMAN / RAPP  28 Jul 1898Virginia F25897 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
12 Price / ELLER  14 Mar 1835Virginia F6778 Christian Eller 
13 TARPLEY / JONES  1805Virginia F5083 Jacob Eller 
14 Vaughan / Pearson   F6733 Christian Eller 
15 VAUGHAN / WALKER  Abt 1790Virginia F6608 Christian Eller 
16 WERTZ / FOSTER   F26458 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
17 WINGFIELD / NELSON  8 Feb 1781Virginia F2339 Christian Eller 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jones / Hopkins   F6179 Jacob Eller