Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Morgantown, Morgan County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 KNIGHT, Arthur Windell  20 Jun 1930Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21941 Christian Eller 
2 KNIGHT, Charles Henry  5 Jun 1871Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18978 Christian Eller 
3 KNIGHT, Charles Moore  4 Aug 1896Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21811 Christian Eller 
4 KNIGHT, SGT Charles Stanley  22 Aug 1918Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21889 Christian Eller 
5 KNIGHT, Cora Lynn  25 Nov 1873Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18979 Christian Eller 
6 KNIGHT, Dana Lamarian  22 Oct 1922Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21890 Christian Eller 
7 KNIGHT, Emma  30 Jun 1877Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18980 Christian Eller 
8 KNIGHT, Ethel Geraldine  16 Sep 1929Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21831 Christian Eller 
9 KNIGHT, Frank Edwin  3 Jul 1924Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21828 Christian Eller 
10 KNIGHT, Frank Ellsworth  10 Sep 1867Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18976 Christian Eller 
11 KNIGHT, Frank H.  7 Aug 1917Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21822 Christian Eller 
12 KNIGHT, Fred Eller Sr.  30 Oct 1890Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21799 Christian Eller 
13 KNIGHT, Garnet Joyce  14 Oct 1900Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21814 Christian Eller 
14 KNIGHT, Gayle  16 Apr 1897Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21769 Christian Eller 
15 KNIGHT, Guy Dempsey  5 Jan 1905Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21816 Christian Eller 
16 KNIGHT, Harry Allen  28 Apr 1934Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21942 Christian Eller 
17 KNIGHT, Harry Rex  5 Jun 1911Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21819 Christian Eller 
18 KNIGHT, Huxley Ellsworth  6 Dec 1913Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21820 Christian Eller 
19 KNIGHT, Inez  5 Oct 1897Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21812 Christian Eller 
20 KNIGHT, Irene Isabelle  28 Dec 1027Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21939 Christian Eller 
21 KNIGHT, James Leon  7 Feb 1940Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21945 Christian Eller 
22 KNIGHT, James Smith Sr.  24 Jan 1865Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18975 Christian Eller 
23 KNIGHT, James Smith Jr.  1 Aug 1908Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21818 Christian Eller 
24 KNIGHT, Lela Pauline  31 Jan 1925Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21938 Christian Eller 
25 KNIGHT, Leora  13 Mar 1916Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21821 Christian Eller 
26 KNIGHT, Leslie Gene  2 Oct 1927Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21830 Christian Eller 
27 KNIGHT, Margaret Isabelle  12 Apr 1918Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21823 Christian Eller 
28 KNIGHT, Mary Alice  15 Aug 1869Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18977 Christian Eller 
29 KNIGHT, Mary Elizabeth  6 Oct 1925Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21829 Christian Eller 
30 KNIGHT, Nadene K.  12 Feb 1899Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21813 Christian Eller 
31 KNIGHT, Norma  12 May 1885Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18981 Christian Eller 
32 KNIGHT, Paul Samuel  30 Apr 1903Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21815 Christian Eller 
33 KNIGHT, Paula Fay  29 Jul 1916Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21887 Christian Eller 
34 KNIGHT, Regina V.  30 Dec 1892Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21810 Christian Eller 
35 KNIGHT, Ronald Marion  22 Oct 1922Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21826 Christian Eller 
36 KNIGHT, Roy Warren  20 Dec 1919Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21824 Christian Eller 
37 KNIGHT, Virginia M.  13 May 1921Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21825 Christian Eller 
38 Whitaker, Charles Larry  6 Aug 1921Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21911 Christian Eller 
39 Whitaker, Denny Lee  6 Dec 1924Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21913 Christian Eller 
40 Whitaker, Ermell Kathleen  16 Aug 1926Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21916 Christian Eller 
41 Whitaker, James Clifford "Giz"  29 May 1923Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21912 Christian Eller 
42 Whitaker, Patricia D.  16 Aug 1926Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21914 Christian Eller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ELLER, Sarah Elizabeth "Charity"  5 Feb 1929Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I948 Christian Eller 
2 Hatfield, Arnold Floyd  6 Sep 2005Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21278 Christian Eller 
3 KNIGHT, Garnet Joyce  22 Jun 1979Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21814 Christian Eller 
4 KNIGHT, James Smith Sr.  7 Dec 1943Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18975 Christian Eller 
5 KNIGHT, Norma  16 May 1954Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I18981 Christian Eller 
6 Moore, Margaret Isabelle  15 Dec 1918Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21763 Christian Eller 
7 Whitaker, James Clifford "Giz"  24 Feb 2006Morgantown, Morgan County, IN I21912 Christian Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 KNIGHT / ELLER  24 Jun 1860Morgantown, Morgan County, IN F315 Christian Eller