Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckley, Henrietta   I10 Henry Eller (3) 
2 BROWN, Ethel  19 Dec 1898Missouri I145589 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
3 Cooper, John C.  1860Missouri I22695 Christian Eller 
4 ELLER, Carl E.   I21568 Christian Eller 
5 ELLER, James F.  1853Missouri I4455 Christian Eller 
6 ELLER, Lena Mable  Nov 1885Missouri I21564 Christian Eller 
7 ELLER, Louisa P.  1859Missouri I4457 Christian Eller 
8 ELLER, Madora Josephine  Abt 1853Missouri I365 Jacob Eller 
9 ELLER, Marcus L.  1856Missouri I4456 Christian Eller 
10 ELLER, Medora  1853Missouri I4147 Christian Eller 
11 ELLER, Solomon Henry  Sep 1883Missouri I21563 Christian Eller 
12 ELLER, William Alonzo "Bill" Sr.  19 Nov 1890Missouri I21566 Christian Eller 
13 GILLIS, William Lafayette  17 Nov 1858Missouri I13479 Christian Eller 
14 Glass, Irene  18 Jan 1876Missouri I312298184848 McKillip Family 
15 Green, Shirlene June  19 Feb 1938Missouri I19830 Christian Eller 
16 Greer, James Clarence  25 Nov 1935Missouri I19046 Christian Eller 
17 Griffin, Patricia Marie   I22779 Christian Eller 
18 Hash, Ethel Fontella  22 Jun 1910Missouri I15296 Jacob Eller 
19 HUNGERFORD, George W.  Missouri I4208 Christian Eller 
20 HUNGERFORD, George W.  Abt 1834Missouri I4867 Jacob Eller 
21 HUNGERFORD, James C.  Missouri I4210 Christian Eller 
22 HUNGERFORD, James C.  Abt 1853Missouri I4869 Jacob Eller 
23 HUNGERFORD, Levi  Abt 1839Missouri I4866 Jacob Eller 
24 HUNGERFORD, Levi N.  Missouri I4207 Christian Eller 
25 HUNGERFORD, Lewis  Missouri I4209 Christian Eller 
26 HUNGERFORD, Lewis  Abt 1849Missouri I4868 Jacob Eller 
27 HUTCHINSON, David Isom  27 Apr 1849Missouri I14153 Christian Eller 
28 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth Ann  18 May 1847Missouri I14323 Christian Eller 
29 Jamison, Asa Harrison Sr.  11 Feb 1846Missouri I19156 Christian Eller 
30 JAMISON, Harriet  25 Nov 1843Missouri I382 Jacob Eller 
31 JAMISON, Tyler  1845Missouri I383 Jacob Eller 
32 Leavitt, Bessie  29 Mar 1900Missouri I22544 Christian Eller 
33 Lewis, Helene  9 Sep 1894Missouri I70 Henry Eller, Sr.  
34 Mitchell, Ruby Melissa  3 Jul 1914Missouri I23097 Christian Eller 
35 MOORE, Bessie  Jul 1880Missouri I4872 Jacob Eller 
36 MOORE, Claudia  Oct 1874Missouri I4870 Jacob Eller 
37 MOORE, Daisy Dean  Mar 1877Missouri I4871 Jacob Eller 
38 MOORE, Della  Jun 1992Missouri I4875 Jacob Eller 
39 MOORE, Trevor H.  Jun 1886Missouri I4874 Jacob Eller 
40 MUSSELMAN, Charles Herbert  15 Sep 1891Missouri I144895 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
41 MUSSELMAN, Pearl Edith  22 Dec 1889Missouri I144894 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
42 Notestine, Beulah N.  11 May 1904Missouri I18960 Christian Eller 
43 Reed, Ozelle Cloe  12 Jan 1911Missouri I20431 Christian Eller 
44 Roberts, Francis M.   I21715 Christian Eller 
45 Roberts, Julia A,   I21716 Christian Eller 
46 Roberts, Lona S.   I21719 Christian Eller 
47 Roberts, Rosas Lee  21 Mar 1892Missouri I21717 Christian Eller 
48 Sherman, Rena  18 Jan 1876Missouri I312298184849 McKillip Family 
49 SHIRLEY, William Andrew  21 Mar 1835Missouri I475 Jacob Eller 
50 Sims, Josephine "Josey"  5 Aug 1895Missouri I12462 George Michael Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acton, Stephen C  1907Missouri I122 Jacob Eller 3  
2 ELLER, Melvin  Sep 1962Missouri I495 Jacob Eller 
3 LEWIS, Addison M.  1857Missouri I4751 Christian Eller 
4 LEWIS, Sarah  1800Missouri I4554 Christian Eller 
5 Long, John Stephen  10 Aug 1859Missouri I32053137994 McKillip Family 
6 LOTT, William Harrison  Missouri I4607 Christian Eller 
7 MERIWETHER, Nicholas Hunter  Missouri I1884 Christian Eller 
8 MINOR, Samuel Overton  1838Missouri I2060 Christian Eller 
9 MONTGOMERY, Mary Ellen  27 Mar 1957Missouri I114818 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
10 MUSICK, Abraham  Abt 1800Missouri I4569 Christian Eller 
11 MUSICK, Delilia  1835Missouri I17241 Christian Eller 
12 MUSICK, Joel Lewis  Bef 1837Missouri I17238 Christian Eller 
13 MUSICK, Susannah Terrell  1891Missouri I17240 Christian Eller 
14 MUSICK, Terrell  1832Missouri I17206 Christian Eller 
15 Singleton, John Frank  17 Feb 1980Missouri I17873 Jacob Eller 
16 TERRELL, Harriet Catherine  26 Jun 1874Missouri I7991 Christian Eller 
17 Thomas, Delsie Deanie  6 Jul 1989Missouri I17831 Jacob Eller 
18 WAYLAND, Lloyd Lowery  7 Dec 1967Missouri I17377 Christian Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CURTRITE / TERRELL  26 Dec 1860Missouri F2788 Christian Eller 
2 ELLER / UNK  Missouri F1553 Christian Eller 
3 Long / Stone  14 Jan 1830Missouri  F83 McKillip Family 
4 TERRILL / ROBERTS  15 Mar 1856Missouri F6208 Christian Eller 
5 Wray / Varvil  28 Sep 1856Missouri F62 McKillip Family