Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Grayson County, VA



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Rosie Belle  30 May 1891Grayson County, VA I18719 Christian Eller 
2 Bolin (Bullen), John  Abt 1829Grayson County, VA I190 Conrad Eller 
3 Bolin (Bullen), Mary  Abt 1828Grayson County, VA I189 Conrad Eller 
4 Durham, Patricia Lynn  1 Aug 1953Grayson County, VA I11798 George Michael Eller 
5 ELLER, Chapman Bruce  28 Mar 1886Grayson County, VA I18726 Christian Eller 
6 ELLER, Cicero Sampson  27 Jul 1887Grayson County, VA I18723 Christian Eller 
7 ELLER, Clyde  22 Apr 1915Grayson County, VA I18731 Christian Eller 
8 Eller, Edith Irene  23 Sep 1927Grayson County, VA I13582 George Michael Eller 
9 Eller, Ethel Marie  12 Feb 1926Grayson County, VA I13552 George Michael Eller 
10 Eller, Lacy Joe  1 Apr 1933Grayson County, VA I13556 George Michael Eller 
11 Eller, Levi Cox Conrad  1827Grayson County, VA I13 Conrad Eller 
12 Eller, Lucy  Abt 1828Grayson County, VA I14 Conrad Eller 
13 ELLER, Margaret Aileen  11 Mar 1925Grayson County, VA I18720 Christian Eller 
14 Eller, Richard Thomas  24 Aug 1938Grayson County, VA I13554 George Michael Eller 
15 Eller, Ruby Jane  12 Jan 1930Grayson County, VA I13583 George Michael Eller 
16 Eller, Ruth Ethel  20 Feb 1925Grayson County, VA I13581 George Michael Eller 
17 Eller, Verda Catherine  20 Jul 1936Grayson County, VA I13553 George Michael Eller 
18 Fielder, James Worley  9 Apr 1891Grayson County, VA I18725 Christian Eller 
19 Hawkins, Susan  Abt 1819Grayson County, VA I5699 George Michael Eller 
20 Long, Margaret  1779Grayson County, VA I24 John Eller 
21 Mink, Eddward  14 Jun 1896Grayson County, VA I13616 George Michael Eller 
22 Pennington, Danish Marie  6 Aug 1938Grayson County, VA I11810 George Michael Eller 
23 Pennington, Johnny  7 Mar 1941Grayson County, VA I11811 George Michael Eller 
24 Stout, Shelva Jean  7 Aug 1941Grayson County, VA I13332 George Michael Eller 
25 Stuart, Lois Alma  12 Apr 1936Grayson County, VA I11788 George Michael Eller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eller, Joseph LaFayette  16 Mar 1929Grayson County, VA I3735 George Michael Eller 
2 Eller, Walter  13 Feb 1990Grayson County, VA I11803 George Michael Eller 
3 Long, Margaret  1830Grayson County, VA I24 John Eller 
4 Long, William II  18 Dec 1821Grayson County, VA I18716 Christian Eller 
5 Osborne, Sarah Lilly  14 Jun 1937Grayson County, VA I3741 George Michael Eller 
6 Stuart, Mertie Ruth  26 Aug 1993Grayson County, VA I11784 George Michael Eller 
7 Stuart, Wilma Jean  26 Jan 1983Grayson County, VA I11787 George Michael Eller 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Eller / Anderson   F4818 George Michael Eller 
2 Eller / Baugess  3 Jul 1920Grayson County, VA F4817 George Michael Eller 
3 Eller / Black  6 Oct 1944Grayson County, VA F4193 George Michael Eller 
4 Hamm / Eller   F4832 George Michael Eller 
5 Howell / Eller   F4833 George Michael Eller 
6 Mink / Eller  15 Jun 1919Grayson County, VA F4831 George Michael Eller