Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Wilkes County, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Tammie Lynn  17 Jun 1963Wilkes County, NC I13041 George Michael Eller 
2 Bare, Charles Felix  17 Aug 1920Wilkes County, NC I304 Conrad Eller 
3 Barker, Rebecca Serenitta Angelletta  30 Nov 1830Wilkes County, NC I28 Conrad Eller 
4 Brown, Martha C.  1 May 1836Wilkes County, NC I129 George Michael Eller 
5 Bumgarner, Ollie May  30 Aug 1899Wilkes County, NC I298 Conrad Eller 
6 Caudill, Sarah Jane  2 Nov 1852Wilkes County, NC I12398 George Michael Eller 
7 Church, Billie Joe  7 Mar 1933Wilkes County, NC I28 Lee Taylor Eller 
8 Church, Calvin Columbus  07 Jul 1866Wilkes County, NC I861 George Michael Eller 
9 Church, David Soloman  19 Jul 1930Wilkes County, NC I45 Lee Taylor Eller 
10 Church, Maria  3 Feb 1868Wilkes County, NC I1560 George Michael Eller 
11 Cleary, Dolly Lou Emma  23 Sep 1921Wilkes County, NC I4796 Jacob Eller 
12 Eller, Adam Jackson  Abt 1864Wilkes County, NC I44 Conrad Eller 
13 Eller, Alfred P.  3 May 1843Wilkes County, NC I11920 George Michael Eller 
14 Eller, Allie Isabelle  1847Wilkes County, NC I17 Conrad Eller 
15 Eller, Amelia  1867Wilkes County, NC I46 Conrad Eller 
16 Eller, America  1842Wilkes County, NC I2649 George Michael Eller 
17 Eller, Anna Murphy  9 Oct 1889Wilkes County, NC I286 Conrad Eller 
18 Eller, Arnold Wesley  5 Jun 1924Wilkes County, NC I294 Conrad Eller 
19 Eller, Arthur Roger  31 Dec 1941Wilkes County, NC I117 Conrad Eller 
20 Eller, Bertha  Feb 1884Wilkes County, NC I87 Conrad Eller 
21 Eller, Birta Mae "Betty"  27 Mar 1942Wilkes County, NC I18 Lee Taylor Eller 
22 Eller, Brenda   I165 Conrad Eller 
23 Eller, Brenda Joyce   I121 Conrad Eller 
24 Eller, Candis Lucy  14 Apr 1868Wilkes County, NC I48 Conrad Eller 
25 Eller, Caroline Ellen  About 1844Wilkes County, NC I34 George Michael Eller 
26 Eller, Charles Frank Sr.  12 Mar 1899Wilkes County, NC I1962 George Michael Eller 
27 Eller, Cleveland Marcus  1870Wilkes County, NC I12237 George Michael Eller 
28 Eller, Commadore D.  23 Jul 1878Wilkes County, NC I68 Conrad Eller 
29 Eller, David  10 Jul 1830Wilkes County, NC I2495 George Michael Eller 
30 Eller, David  About 1834Wilkes County, NC I30 George Michael Eller 
31 Eller, David T.  17 Dec 1815Wilkes County, NC I11924 George Michael Eller 
32 Eller, Dovie Minnie  4 Jun 1922Wilkes County, NC I137 Conrad Eller 
33 Eller, Earl Thomas  28 Mar 1946Wilkes County, NC I653 George Michael Eller 
34 Eller, Effner Esley  6 Jun 1909Wilkes County, NC I239 Conrad Eller 
35 Eller, Eliza Diannah  27 May 1859Wilkes County, NC I41 Conrad Eller 
36 Eller, Elizabeth Caroline "Betty"  16 Aug 1938Wilkes County, NC I12067 George Michael Eller 
37 Eller, Ennis  20 Aug 1874Wilkes County, NC I3726 George Michael Eller 
38 Eller, Ernest Alonzo  28 Sep 1915Wilkes County, NC I650 George Michael Eller 
39 Eller, Ernest Jefferson  26 Jul 1918Wilkes County, NC I13636 George Michael Eller 
40 Eller, Ernest Richard  20 Apr 1899Wilkes County, NC I2090 George Michael Eller 
41 Eller, Fate Andrew  5 Apr 1935Wilkes County, NC I153 Conrad Eller 
42 Eller, Finley A.  15 Jul 1862Wilkes County, NC I53 Conrad Eller 
43 Eller, Floyd Kenneth   I116 Conrad Eller 
44 Eller, George  1790Wilkes County, NC I18 George Michael Eller 
45 Eller, George Cline  Abt 1906Wilkes County, NC I11734 George Michael Eller 
46 Eller, Helen Sue  29 Dec 1950Wilkes County, NC I157 Conrad Eller 
47 Eller, Henry Cleveland Sr  28 Jun 1836Wilkes County, NC I1312 George Michael Eller 
48 Eller, Henry Harrison  29 Jul 1841Wilkes County, NC I33 George Michael Eller 
49 Eller, Henry Taylor  11 May 1866/7Wilkes County, NC I3 Lee Taylor Eller 
50 Eller, Hettie  17 Jul 1866Wilkes County, NC I127 Conrad Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bare, Charles Felix  6 Feb 1978Wilkes County, NC I304 Conrad Eller 
2 Barker, Rebecca Serenitta Angelletta  27 Mar 1888Wilkes County, NC I28 Conrad Eller 
3 Bumgarner, Ollie May  27 Aug 1992Wilkes County, NC I298 Conrad Eller 
4 Eller, Anna Murphy  23 Nov 1912Wilkes County, NC I286 Conrad Eller 
5 Eller, Charles Frank Sr.  18 Mar 1979Wilkes County, NC I1962 George Michael Eller 
6 Eller, Cleveland Marcus  Yes, date unknownWilkes County, NC I12237 George Michael Eller 
7 Eller, Commadore D.  29 Apr 1962Wilkes County, NC I68 Conrad Eller 
8 Eller, Conrad  Wilkes County, NC I37 Lee Taylor Eller 
9 Eller, Conrad  Bef 1850Wilkes County, NC I3 Conrad Eller 
10 Eller, Dovie Minnie  3 Oct 1998Wilkes County, NC I137 Conrad Eller 
11 Eller, Earl Thomas  16 Sep 2018Wilkes County, NC I653 George Michael Eller 
12 Eller, Eliza Diannah  1 Dec 1948Wilkes County, NC I41 Conrad Eller 
13 Eller, Ennis  4 Aug 1924Wilkes County, NC I3726 George Michael Eller 
14 Eller, Ernest Jefferson  23 Oct 1994Wilkes County, NC I13636 George Michael Eller 
15 Eller, George Cline  2 Nov 2012Wilkes County, NC I11734 George Michael Eller 
16 Eller, Henry Alexander  Bef 1880Wilkes County, NC I11 Conrad Eller 
17 Eller, Henry Cleveland Sr  05 Aug 1922Wilkes County, NC I1312 George Michael Eller 
18 Eller, Henry Harrison  13 Dec 1912Wilkes County, NC I33 George Michael Eller 
19 Eller, Hettie  18 Apr 1935Wilkes County, NC I127 Conrad Eller 
20 Eller, Hugh Montgomery  6 Dec 1911Wilkes County, NC I15 Conrad Eller 
21 Eller, James Clyde  27 May 1993Wilkes County, NC I162 Conrad Eller 
22 Eller, Rev. James Frank  15 Jul 1907Wilkes County, NC I30 Conrad Eller 
23 Eller, James Horton  18 Jul 1920Wilkes County, NC I12431 George Michael Eller 
24 Eller, John Franklin  6 Feb 1943Wilkes County, NC I289 Conrad Eller 
25 Eller, Louis Jonathan  1869Wilkes County, NC I40 Conrad Eller 
26 Eller, Margie  27 Oct 2011Wilkes County, NC I301 Conrad Eller 
27 Eller, Marshall Elmore  24 Dec 1986Wilkes County, NC I291 Conrad Eller 
28 Eller, Mary  16 May 1894Wilkes County, NC I2398 George Michael Eller 
29 Eller, Mary J. Elizabeth  28 Feb 1947Wilkes County, NC I60 Conrad Eller 
30 Eller, Mary Malinda  Aft 1900Wilkes County, NC I12 Conrad Eller 
31 Eller, Miriah  21 Aug 1927Wilkes County, NC I32 Conrad Eller 
32 Eller, Mollie A.  27 Dec 1917Wilkes County, NC I81 Conrad Eller 
33 Eller, Nellie Adalaide  4 Oct 1974Wilkes County, NC I129 Conrad Eller 
34 Eller, Peter  29 Jul 1799Wilkes County, NC I18825 Christian Eller 
35 Eller, Peter B. Jr.  Nov 1851Wilkes County, NC I12 George Michael Eller 
36 Eller, Philip  24 Mar 1938Wilkes County, NC I76 Conrad Eller 
37 Eller, Rachel  26 Dec 1902Wilkes County, NC I233 George Michael Eller 
38 Eller, Rafe Swaney  13 Feb 1972Wilkes County, NC I1779 George Michael Eller 
39 Eller, Ruby Faye  27 May 2004Wilkes County, NC I300 Conrad Eller 
40 Eller, Sarah Caroline  19 Jan 1904Wilkes County, NC I19 Conrad Eller 
41 Eller, Sarah Caroline  27 May 1919Wilkes County, NC I125 George Michael Eller 
42 Eller, Susannah "Susie" Evelyn  18 Feb 1954Wilkes County, NC I1914 George Michael Eller 
43 Eller, Virgie Adell  14 Mar 2015Wilkes County, NC I299 Conrad Eller 
44 Eller, Wilborn Guy  14 May 1981Wilkes County, NC I2170 George Michael Eller 
45 Eller, William Claude  22 May 1965Wilkes County, NC I95 Conrad Eller 
46 Eller, William Hansford  14 Apr 1930Wilkes County, NC I3722 George Michael Eller 
47 Faw, Geneva  10 Sep 1999Wilkes County, NC I651 George Michael Eller 
48 Hayes, Helen Inez  24 Sep 2012Wilkes County, NC I306 Conrad Eller 
49 Johnson, Gertrude Mae  4 Sep 1996Wilkes County, NC I1635 George Michael Eller 
50 McNeil, Amanda Eveline  27 Dec 1932Wilkes County, NC I2268 George Michael Eller 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bumgarner / Eller  18 Feb 1895Wilkes County, NC F26 Conrad Eller 
2 Church / Eller  26 Jun 1954Wilkes County, NC F19 Lee Taylor Eller 
3 Davis / Foster   F13 Lee Taylor Eller 
4 Dobbins / Eller  14 Feb 1938Wilkes County, NC F47 Conrad Eller 
5 Eller / Barker  15 Aug 1850Wilkes County, NC F12 Conrad Eller 
6 Eller / Davis  2 Jan 1860Wilkes County, NC F11 Conrad Eller 
7 Eller / Davis  2 Jan 1860Wilkes County, NC F2 Lee Taylor Eller 
8 Eller / Eller  2 May 1893Wilkes County, NC F27 Conrad Eller 
9 Eller / Grimes  20 Sep 1851Wilkes County, NC F9 Conrad Eller 
10 Eller / Grimes  17 Aug 1890Wilkes County, NC F19 Conrad Eller 
11 Eller / Hayes  24 Dec 1903Wilkes County, NC F81 George Michael Eller 
12 Eller / Holloway  5 Feb 1885Wilkes County, NC F16 Conrad Eller 
13 Eller / Houlk  28 Dec 1876Wilkes County, NC F34 Conrad Eller 
14 Eller / Johnson  17 Jan 1892Wilkes County, NC F36 Conrad Eller 
15 Eller / Jones  24 Aug 1914Wilkes County, NC F8 Conrad Eller 
16 Eller / Minton  1 Jan 1862Wilkes County, NC F14 Conrad Eller 
17 Eller / Pearson  10 May 1945Wilkes County, NC F95 Conrad Eller 
18 Eller / Queen  31 Oct 1926Wilkes County, NC F89 Conrad Eller 
19 Eller / Reynolds  01 Mar 1824Wilkes County, NC F136 George Michael Eller 
20 Eller / Smithey  13 Aug 1912Wilkes County, NC F42 Conrad Eller 
21 Eller / Spears  30 Nov 1888Wilkes County, NC F22 Conrad Eller 
22 Eller / Spears  29 Dec 1936Wilkes County, NC F7 Lee Taylor Eller 
23 Eller / Staley  1 Aug 1915Wilkes County, NC F31 Conrad Eller 
24 Eller / Staley  5 Dec 1920Wilkes County, NC F35 Conrad Eller 
25 Eller / Vannoy  25 Oct 1868Wilkes County, NC F216 George Michael Eller 
26 Eller / Walker   F4258 George Michael Eller 
27 Eller / Whittington  21 Jun 1953Wilkes County, NC F4839 George Michael Eller 
28 Eller / Wilcoxson  10 Jan 1850Wilkes County, NC F674 George Michael Eller 
29 Eller / [Unknown]  2 May 1893Wilkes County, NC F12 Lee Taylor Eller 
30 Johnson / Reeves  28 Sep 1910Wilkes County, NC F115 Conrad Eller 
31 McGlamery / Eller  30 Oct 1823Wilkes County, NC F35 George Michael Eller 
32 Minton / Byers  26 Nov 1858Wilkes County, NC F55 Conrad Eller 
33 Myers / Eller  26 Jun 1928Wilkes County, NC F90 Conrad Eller 
34 Pilkenton / Eller  24 Aug 1883Wilkes County, NC F25 Conrad Eller 
35 Pilkenton / Eller  11 Aug 1893Wilkes County, NC F30 Conrad Eller 
36 Reeves / Eller  8 Sep 1883Wilkes County, NC F33 Conrad Eller 
37 Reeves / Eller  17 Sep 1887Wilkes County, NC F21 Conrad Eller 
38 Reeves / Eller  22 Oct 1887Wilkes County, NC F20 Conrad Eller 
39 Staley / Eller  26 Feb 1881Wilkes County, NC F37 Conrad Eller 
40 Staley / Eller  25 Aug 1884Wilkes County, NC F18 Conrad Eller 
41 Woodie / Spears   F120 Conrad Eller 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Church /    F10 Lee Taylor Eller 
2 Eller / Sparks   F11 Lee Taylor Eller 
3 Pilkenton / Eller   F78 Conrad Eller