Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Rowan County, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 John Henderson  18 Jul 1852Rowan County, NC I15 Unknown1 
2 AGNER, Peggy Joyce   I3795 Christian Eller 
3 BIFFLE, Mary  Rowan County, NC I3376 Christian Eller 
4 CROTZER, George  1805Rowan County, NC I3381 Christian Eller 
5 EARNHARDT, Leah  1826Rowan County, NC I3802 Christian Eller 
6 ELLER, Amanda Ruth  21 Dec 1907Rowan County, NC I9925 Christian Eller 
7 Eller, Anna  Abt 1810Rowan County, NC I8 Conrad Eller 
8 ELLER, Annemaria (Mary)  1799Rowan County, NC I14378 Christian Eller 
9 ELLER, Arthur Marcellus  29 Sep 1880Rowan County, NC I3784 Christian Eller 
10 Eller, Calvin Edgar  7 Oct 1902Rowan County, NC I15440 Jacob Eller 
11 Eller, Conrad  1784Rowan County, NC I3 Conrad Eller 
12 Eller, Eva Rose Ann  6 Jun 1852Rowan County, NC I33 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
13 ELLER, Eve Getchey  Rowan County, NC I3372 Christian Eller 
14 ELLER, Frederick  1765Rowan County, NC I910 Christian Eller 
15 Eller, George Henry Milton  11 May 1848Rowan County, NC I3 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
16 Eller, Henry Alexander  Abt 1824Rowan County, NC I11 Conrad Eller 
17 ELLER, Jacob  1798Rowan County, NC I14377 Christian Eller 
18 ELLER, James  1835Rowan County, NC I3801 Christian Eller 
19 Eller, John Adam  28 Feb 1843Rowan County, NC I31 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
20 Eller, John Alexander  2 Oct 1875Rowan County, NC I2 Unknown1 
21 Eller, John Alexander  2 Oct 1875Rowan County, NC I15424 Jacob Eller 
22 Eller, John Henderson  18 Jul 1852Rowan County, NC I15420 Jacob Eller 
23 ELLER, Margus  1803Rowan County, NC I14380 Christian Eller 
24 Eller, Mariah  Abt 1822Rowan County, NC I10 Conrad Eller 
25 Eller, Mary Ann Sarah  6 Jun 1846Rowan County, NC I32 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
26 Eller, Mary Malinda  1825Rowan County, NC I12 Conrad Eller 
27 Eller, Michael David  24 Mar 1850Rowan County, NC I34 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
28 ELLER, Ora Elizabeth  26 May 1914Rowan County, NC I3789 Christian Eller 
29 ELLER, Poulus (Paul)  1803Rowan County, NC I14379 Christian Eller 
30 Eller, Pricilla Lucrecia  Abt 1821Rowan County, NC I9 Conrad Eller 
31 Eller, Reuben Monroe "Rube"  28 Jun 1858Rowan County, NC I11660 George Michael Eller 
32 ELLER, Rufus Alexander  8 Jan 1860Rowan County, NC I3803 Christian Eller 
33 ELLER, Sally  21 Mar 1805Rowan County, NC I14381 Christian Eller 
34 Eller, Susan Sophie  Abt 1802Rowan County, NC I7 Conrad Eller 
35 ELLER, Vertie Gertrude  22 Apr 1910Rowan County, NC I3787 Christian Eller 
36 Eller, William Stokes  1 Apr 1850Rowan County, NC I10 Unknown1 
37 Eller, William Stokes  1 Apr 1850Rowan County, NC I15418 Jacob Eller 
38 Goodman, Rosena (Rocena)  31 Oct 1821Rowan County, NC I2 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
39 HARTMAN, Annie Catherine  27 Feb 1827Rowan County, NC I3774 Christian Eller 
40 HENKEL, Isaac  5 Dec 1754Rowan County, NC I9566 Christian Eller 
41 HENKEL, Paul  15 Dec 1754Rowan County, NC I9546 Christian Eller 
42 KESLER, Barbara Lavina  27 Dec 1857Rowan County, NC I3781 Christian Eller 
43 KESLER, Cornelius  1825Rowan County, NC I3773 Christian Eller 
44 Loposser, Mary  1796Rowan County, NC I17 Unknown1 
45 Mahaley, Ida L.  5 Dec 1882Rowan County, NC I15438 Jacob Eller 
46 POOLE, Gertrude Louretta (Gertie)  24 Jan 1886Rowan County, NC I3783 Christian Eller 
47 POOLE, Joseph Alexander , Jr.  17 Jul 1854Rowan County, NC I3782 Christian Eller 
48 TROUTMAN, William Tell  21 May 1894Rowan County, NC I9926 Christian Eller 
49 VAN POOLE, Elizabeth  29 May 1859Rowan County, NC I3804 Christian Eller 
50 Welker, James  19 Aug 1803Rowan County, NC I340 George Michael Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUFFLE, Johannes (John) Paul  1777Rowan County, NC I906 Christian Eller 
2 Cox, Nancy  1854Rowan County, NC I13 Unknown1 
3 Eller, Alexander  Feb 1859Rowan County, NC I15179 Jacob Eller 
4 ELLER, Amanda Ruth  30 Oct 1975Rowan County, NC I9925 Christian Eller 
5 ELLER, Jacob Sr.  Rowan County, NC I3352 Christian Eller 
6 Eller, John Melchior (Melker)  1799Rowan County, NC I1 Conrad Eller 
7 ELLER, Joseph A.  31 Oct 1935Rowan County, NC I9923 Christian Eller 
8 ELLER, Julianne "Julie"  24 Feb 1906Rowan County, NC I14874 Christian Eller 
9 ELLER, Ora Elizabeth  22 Oct 1947Rowan County, NC I3789 Christian Eller 
10 ELLER, Rufus Alexander  9 Jun 1934Rowan County, NC I3803 Christian Eller 
11 GETCHEY, Maria Elizabeth "Eva"  Rowan County, NC I3366 Christian Eller 
12 GOTTGEN, Johannes (Hannes)  1774Rowan County, NC I3374 Christian Eller 
13 HAMM, Anna Christina (Hamen)  12 May 1790Rowan County, NC I3375 Christian Eller 
14 HARTMAN, Annie Catherine  Rowan County, NC I3774 Christian Eller 
15 Kern, John  1823Rowan County, NC I11736 George Michael Eller 
16 KESLER, Barbara Lavina  10 Jan 1948Rowan County, NC I3781 Christian Eller 
17 KESLER, Cornelius  30 Mar 1893Rowan County, NC I3773 Christian Eller 
18 POOLE, Gertrude Louretta (Gertie)  25 Nov 1973Rowan County, NC I3783 Christian Eller 
19 POOLE, Joseph Alexander , Jr.  5 May 1929Rowan County, NC I3782 Christian Eller 
20 Shue, Vannie E.  24 Jun 2003Rowan County, NC I15436 Jacob Eller 
21 TROUTMAN, William Tell  29 Nov 1954Rowan County, NC I9926 Christian Eller 
22 VAN POOLE, Elizabeth  22 Sep 1925Rowan County, NC I3804 Christian Eller 
23 WALLER, Alice Saphronia  14 Oct 1936Rowan County, NC I9924 Christian Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   10 Dec 1816Rowan County, NC F5099 Jacob Eller 
2 / Cox  16 Mar 1846Rowan County, NC F3 Unknown1 
3 Bolin (Bullen) / Eller  26 Jan 1826Rowan County, NC F56 Conrad Eller 
4 CROTZER / BAME  16 Sep 1828Rowan County, NC F1205 Christian Eller 
5 CROTZER / ELLER  2 Jun 1795Rowan County, NC F1202 Christian Eller 
6 Eller / Casper  2 Jan 1855Rowan County, NC F4160 George Michael Eller 
7 ELLER / ELLER  9 Oct 1782Rowan County, NC F1209 Christian Eller 
8 ELLER / ELLER  25 Jul 1814Rowan County, NC F5355 Christian Eller 
9 ELLER / ELLER  25 Jul 1814Rowan County, NC F3 John Melker Eller, Sr.  
10 Eller / Goodman  29 Dec 1842Rowan County, NC F1 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
11 Eller / Kern  05 Nov 1792Rowan County, NC F7 George Michael Eller 
12 Eller / Loposser   F5 Unknown1 
13 ELLER / UNK  Rowan County, NC F1199 Christian Eller 
14 Eller / Yokley  21 Nov 1814Rowan County, NC F4159 George Michael Eller 
15 ELLER. /   24 Dec 1841Rowan County, NC F5100 Jacob Eller 
16 ELWORTH / HENKEL  Rowan County, NC F3387 Christian Eller 
17 Goodman / Hess   F10 George Eller (Rowan/Illinois) 
18 MILLER / ELLER  4 Mar 1904Rowan County, NC F5501 Christian Eller 
19 TETER / HENKEL  Rowan County, NC F3390 Christian Eller