Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baird, Betty D.  Mar 1849Ohio I12579 George Michael Eller 
2 BOWMAN, Elsie Mae   I110469 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
3 BRUBAKER, Arlen David  22 Oct 1953Ohio I137452 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
4 Burcham, Catherine  14 Aug 1817Ohio I4415 George Michael Eller 
5 DENLINGER, Lloyd Russell  1 Nov 1930Ohio I127197 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
6 DENLINGER, Lydia May   I149745 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
7 DENLINGER, Orpha Elizabeth   I137446 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
8 Eller, George W.  20 Dec 1823Ohio I6165 George Michael Eller 
9 ELLER, Herbert Carlton  27 Jan 1896Ohio I5955 Jacob Eller 
10 ELLER, Jane  ~1850Ohio I2829 Henry Eller, Sr. (2) 
11 Eller, John  4 Feb 1817Ohio I6162 George Michael Eller 
12 FLORA, Esther Irene   I11644 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
13 FLORA, George Rufus   I11633 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
14 FLORA, Glenn William   I11611 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
15 FLORA, Joseph Calvin   I11622 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
16 Gale, James Alford  12 Aug 1843Ohio I12536 George Michael Eller 
17 Graybill, Hannah  Abt 1842Ohio I272 George Michael Eller 
18 HARDY, Leo Raymond   I5780 Jacob Eller 
19 HOBSON, Joseph  14 Dec 1818Ohio I9909 Christian Eller 
20 HOFF, Robert   I129767 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
21 HUTCHINSON, Elijah Dow  14 Mar 1824Ohio I14152 Christian Eller 
22 McDaniel, Martha  1808Ohio I4360 George Michael Eller 
23 Merman, Maria/Mariah  1816Ohio I12441 George Michael Eller 
24 MIKESELL, Mary  1808Ohio I2796 Henry Eller, Sr. (2) 
25 Richards, George  1851Ohio I2662 George Michael Eller 
26 SELLERS, Albert  Ohio I51852 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
27 Tracy, Harriet Amanda  13 Mar 1840Ohio I3205 George Michael Eller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BECK, Dale LaVaughn  22 Apr 2018Ohio I17033 Jacob Eller 
2 BRUBAKER, Arlen David  23 Oct 1953Ohio I137452 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
3 BRUBAKER, Christian Emory  11 Jan 1969Ohio I125500 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
4 BRUBAKER, Edith May  22 Apr 1942Ohio I51796 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
5 BRUBAKER, Margaret Edna  15 Oct 1972Ohio I170060 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
6 BRUBAKER, William Henry  1925Ohio I125464 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
7 BRYSON, Rosco  Ohio I13265 Jacob Eller 
8 DEATON, Edward Allen  1980Ohio I137501 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
9 DEATON, Ezra Josiah  1974Ohio I137473 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
10 ELLER, Martin  5 May 1971Ohio I7929 Jacob Eller 
11 Eller, Virgil Gene  5 Dec 2005Ohio I12753 George Michael Eller 
12 Ewing, Hallie Louise  26 Nov 1980Ohio I5565 Jacob Eller 
13 FLORA, Sarah Susanne  27 May 1979Ohio I137494 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
14 FORE, Cornelius M.  18 Jul 1952Ohio I14505 Jacob Eller 
15 HUFFMAN, Alvin Andrew  31 May 1963Ohio I60248 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
16 JOHNS, Mary Lavina  1940Ohio I126771 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
17 JOHNSTON, John Russell  15 Jun 1985Ohio I16404 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
18 Lackey, James Alexander  22 Sep 1875Ohio I4372 George Michael Eller 
19 MANEY, Patrick Melvin  26 Feb 2009Ohio I17039 Jacob Eller 
20 MANEY, Tammy Jo  24 Jul 2018Ohio I17040 Jacob Eller 
21 RIDGEWAY, Cylista A.  15 Oct 1960Ohio I137508 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) 
22 Stoker, Catherine  23 Aug 1896Ohio I214 George Michael Eller 
23 TERRELL, Agatha  Ohio I7351 Christian Eller 
24 WILLIS, Stephen  Ohio I4862 Christian Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HARVEY / TERRELL  Ohio F2612 Christian Eller 
2 Stoker / Burcham  08 Oct 1835Ohio F128 George Michael Eller 
3 TERRELL / JENKINS  1825Ohio F2928 Christian Eller