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2501 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Rachel (I263)
2502 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Mrs. Sarah (I264)
2503 year uncertain THOMPSON, Richard (I3405)
2504 Zach Terrell was the owner of Cole Brother Circus. He lieved in Louisville, KY. He was married but had no children. (Dicken, p.208) TERRELL, Zach (I8220)
2505 Zack Williams joined the "Sons of the American Revolution," citing Jacob Slaughter, Sr. (his Grandfather) as a Patriot. WILLIAMS, Zack Maroney (I2937)
2506 Zena Lyons married her cousin. She died soon after the death of her mother. (Dicken, p.211) LYON, Zena Harcourt (I8355)
2507 [eugene dale medlock.FTW] Dale shot and killed himself Dec. 31, 1983. Medlock, Eugene Dale (I1241)
2508 [eugene dale medlock.FTW] Kyle Medlock is an asst. pastor in a church in Early, Tx.(6-02-2001) Medlock, Kyle (I1145)

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