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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

2019 Conference - Wilkesboro, NC - July 24-28

For 30 years, the Eller Family Association has met every two years to discuss family history, make connections and socialize.

Our 2019 Conference is planned for July 24-28, 2019 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Wilkesboro is in an area where a number of Eller families settled. A conference registration form is available here.


It is believed that Peter Eller (1748-1799), son of George Michael Eller (1722-1778), the immigrant, setteled in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Some research says he died there. Other research says he died in nearby Ashe County. Peter is believed to be the only child by George Michael's first (unknown) wife. He is believed to have served in the American Revolution in the 10th Regmt. of the North Carolina Volunteers.

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The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

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The Eller Family Association now has more than 50,000 names in our searchable, online database. There are some duplications, but most of those listed are there only once. In addition, there are now more than a hundred photos linked to individuals. There are some 80 research documents ranging from books with hundreds of pages to smaller one or two page biographies. These have been added to 17 years of our quarterly publication, “The Chronicles.” Those publications are all searchable.

All of this information is available without charge to the hundreds of Eller genealogists who visit our site regularly. But we need your help. While those of us working with the EFA are volunteers, there are costs that we must cover. Please consider joining our organization.

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Wilkesboro And Wilkes County

The place hosting the 2019 Eller Family Association, Wilkesboro, has served as a county seat since 1778, when the new county of Wilkes was formed. The earliest European settlers included Christopher Gist, who came around 1750 and had a home on the northern side of the river, and a man named Owen, at Owen's Knob. Daniel Boone had once lived 15 miles up the river but was long gone by the time the town was founded (the Boone family moved to Kentucky in 1773). There are a number of Eller families who trace their roots back to early Wilkes County history. We believe George Michael Eller's son, Peter B. Eller died there before 1799.

Mr & Mrs Eller
The May 1993 issue of the "Chronicles" contains an article on America Elizabeth Eller of Wilkes County (1850-1925) and her family.

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Historical Profiles, Research Papers, Tributes and Articles From the Eller Family Association

Cemetery Images

tombstoneIn a continued effort to update our website with data to help our genelogical research, we have started to add cemetery information and photos. As you know, the birth/death information of grave stones can be of immense help in documenting our ancestors.

We've entered 75 grave stones, indexed in 11 cemeteries in eight counties. We know we've just gotten started and so, we seek your help.

If you'd like to add a cemetery, click here for what we need and how to submit the information. We'll do the data entry. Just email it to the webmaster.

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Jesse F. Eller in The Civil War

Mr. EllerJesse Franklin Eller (1835-1900) served as a Lieutenant in Company K, 53rd North Carolina Infantry. He opposed secession but when North Carolina left the union he volunteerd for what he thought was his duty as a loyal citizen. Company K was made up entirely of men from Wilkes County.

He was part of the battles at Gettysburg, the Wilderness Campaign (where he was wounded), the battle of Saylor's Creek and was at Appomattox for Lee's surender.

[ Full Civil War Story | Jesse Eller in the EFA Database ]

Henry Eller

Mr. EllerHenry Eller (1817-1889) moved with his parrents from Virginia to Kentucky and later Indiana. He arrived in Indiana in 1813 when he was almost 14.

He served in the Union army in 1862 and served as a Sergeant in Company K, 133 Indiana Infantry. In Indiana he was a farmer, stock-breeder and served as a County Commissioner and Town Assessor.

[ Biographical sketch | Henry Eller in the EFA Database ]

Devon Dahl Tribute

Mr. DahlDevon Dahl passed away in August. He was Vice-President of the Eller Family Association from 2003-2005. He was part of the EFA from at least 1998 and, with his wife Carma, organized a research trip to Salt Lake City in 2002. He hailed from the George Michael Eller line.

Devon was born in Ogden, Utah on November 4, 1942 to the late Earl William and Evaline (Thurgood) Dahl. Devon graduated from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business for graduate school in 1968. Devon was married to his loving wife Carma for over 50 years.

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Karl Eller Obituary

Karl ellerKarl Eller, advertising pioneer and business visionary, died on May 10, 2019, in Phoeniz, Arizona. He was born in Chicago in 1928.

He was a pioneer in outdoor advertising, newspapers, radio and television.

He was president of Colombia Pictures in 1960. He was president and founder of "Circle-K" stores in 1983.

He was a major contributor to the University of Arizona where the "Eller College of Management" was named for him.


Dutch Pine Meeting House

pine churchWe believe some of the early Eller ancestors were Lutheran and worshiped at the “Dutch Pine Meeting House” about five miles east of Salisbury in Rowan County, North Carolina. That church existed in 1771 and may have been there much earlier.

The successor church is Union Evangelical Lutheran Church, located on Bringle Ferry Road. There is a large marker in the Church cemetery that says ” Pine Church. Built prior to 1771 and located in this area. Services held here led to organization of the N.C. Synod in 1803.“

[ "Dutch Pine Meeting House" Article | Hisatory of Union Evangelical Lutheran Church ]

Missing Cemetery

We’re looking for the "Absalom Eller Cemetery" reportedly located off Parsonville Road near Eller Road in Wilkes County.  Efforts so far to locate it have not been successful. 

In February 1993, it was reported that James Madison Eller was buried in the "old family cemetery on a high hill in front of the family home. Part of the house is still standing. A family is living at this time on the old home place."

One researcher says everything in the area is private land and locals do not know of a cemetery in the area. There are supposed to be 12 graves here. Five of them are Ellers. They should date from the 1820's. Let us know if you know where it is.

William Hamilton Eller

mr ellerWilliam Hamilton Eller (1842-1922) is described as a precocious lad, and by great devotion to his studies, laid the foundation for his later careers as a lawyer, a Baptist minister, editor and teacher. William became fluent in Greek and Hebrew and throughout his adult life he carried a Bible which was in Greek. He was a Doctor of Divinity and served churches in Ohio and Nebraska. He practiced law in Blair Nebraska, pastored the Baptist Church and founded the Blair Courier.

In 1862 at age 20 William entered the military service of the Union Army in Co. D.,19th Iowa Infantry. Later he served to the end of the war as 1st Sergeant in Co. I of the 45th Iowa Infantry. Two uncles and a great-uncle were in the Confederate army.

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Eller Census Data Available

mr ellerWe now have all the Ellers in the United States from the Census of 1790 (The first census), 1800, 1810 and 1820 available on the EFA website. Data from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington.

Thanks to Erin Bradford for starting the work on this project.

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James Madison & Nancy Eller

The place hosting the 2019 Eller Family Association meeting is Wilkesboro, North Carolina. We believe George Michael Eller's son, Peter B. Eller died there before 1799.

Mr & Mrs Eller
The February 1993 issue of the "Chronicles" contains an article "The Ellers of Wilkes County" by Nora Robinette Eller. It details a few of the Eller families starting with James Madison Eller and his wife Nancy Louise Vannoy (above). James Madison Eller was from the immigrant George Michael Eller's line.

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Byron Eller

Mr ellerByron Harlie Eller (1921-2018) was a long-time member of the EFA and the author of numerious "Chronicles" stories on Ellers in the Civil War.

He was the 1993 recipient of the James Hook award; a doctor, a teacher and an avid Civil War historian.

Mr. Eller passed away in October 2018 at the age of 96. There will be more about Byron Eller in the May 2019 "Chronicles."

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