Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Joseph W. Eller

Joseph Wesley Eller (1880-1962) published a small booklet (38 pages) in 1918 that chronicled the Christian Eller line. A copy of the booklet was provided to the Eller Family Association by Marjorie McCormick of Indianapolis, IN.

The booklet traces the Eller family from George Eller, mistakenly listed as the immigrant, for several generations and includes photographs.

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The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

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New Gedcom/Tree Added

We are pleased to include a new family tree (ie. Gedcom) of Jacob Eller (1776-1855) son of Peter Lenn Eller. This new information is provided by Rusty Dicken (rdicken@embarqmail.com). Jacob was born in Frederick County, Maryland, and died in Ashe County, North Carolina. Click Here.


Aspects of the genealogy and family history of immigrant Jacob Eller, Sr. and the interrelationships established through marriages between the early Henkels, Biffles, Ketcheys and Ellers by J. Gerald Eller were reported at the Eller Conference in Portland, Oregon, in 1993. We now have that paper available online here.

A limited review of the genealogy and family history of the Henkel family is also provided for the benefit of those Ellers who may not know of this fascinating family.

The German names of Henckel, Biiffel, and Gottge often appear in their English form as Henkel, Biffle and Ketchey. Variant spellings of the German surname Eller exist; but this name is spelled correctly in most early records in North Carolina, except for an occasional Ellar or Ellor.

[Henkel Family Association]

James Granville & Janetta Eller

Mr. Eller

James Granville Eller was born., reared, and married in Tennessee. Sometime between 1903 and 1905, he and his wife, Margaret Pressley, moved their family to Clebourne, Texas.

Both he and Margaret were talented musicians and so are many of their descendants. They have organized many musical groups and have performed on the radio and at other public events. [More]

The Legend
Of Blackberry

Mr. Eller

Born Lester Eller, a seventh generation descendant of Caspar Eller, from Palanate, Germany, with a maternal Cherokee Indian grandmother, Big Pa-paw answered to the colorful name of "Blackberry". Arguably he was one of the most colorful characters in Clayton, GA. [More]

Covered Bridge

The Eller-Heady Bridge (later just the "Eller Bridge") is located west of Fishers in Delaware Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. It was built in 1870 and had a total length of 311 feet and spaned the White River.

The property on the east was owned by Absalom Eller, son of Joseph Eller and Great-grandson of George Michael Eller. It was destryoed by an arson fire in 1957. [More]

eller bridge