Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Salisbury Conference
July 26-30, 2017

The 2017 EFA Conference is July 26th thru 30th, 2017 in Salisbury, NC. Lodging and Meetings will be at the Courtyard Marriott in Salisbury.

Ed Eller, John Eller and Fred Bame recently searched for the John Jacob Eller property in Salisbury, NC in preparation for the Conference. That will be one of our places to visit on our Friday tour. We will also visit the Union Lutheran Church which was organized in 1774. The Pine Church was built before 1771 was also located in this area. On Thursday there will be geanological presentations. For last minute registrations, click here.

Salisbury is in the area of North Carolina where several Eller lines originated. And the area still has many Eller families.


The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

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Welcome New Members

Ms. Bray & Mr. Zarr

We welcome cousins Julie Bray and Paul Zarr as new members of the EFA. They connect to the Jacob Eller line thru Susanna "Sukey" Eller by way of her sons Jake and Joe Eller.

Looking For a Connection

Gary Eller of Ames, Iowa, is looking for a connection. He was born in Rolla, North Dakota, in 1941 to Clarence (and Lydia) Eller. He's lived in Idaho, Nevada, Alaska (for quite some time), and, for the past twenty years or so, in Iowa. He worked as a pharmacist and later studied to become a writer.

He traces his line back to Henry Eller, Sr. who was born about 1726 in Germany but died in Maryland. For more regarding his inquiry, click here.

Sarah Roark Eller & Mathias Eller

Sarah Amanda Roark (left), 1852-1932 & Mathias Eller (right), 1848-1931. m. Ashe County, North Carolina 25 Sep 1871. Mathias Eller, son of John Eller and Catherine Eldreth.

(Mathiass Eller5, John4, Jacob3, Peter2, George Michael1). Research of Loveta Schweers in the May 1995 "Eller Chronicles." Photo from about 1900.

Read the full article of Mathias Eller here.

Christian Emory "Crist" Eller Family

Christ Eller Family

C.E. (Crist) Eller (1870-1948) and Rebecca (Becky) Eller (1877-1944) with children: O.D. (Orin), Henry, Sadie, and Gertrude. "

(Crist4, John3, Abraham2, Jacob/Magdana 1).

Information from a delightful reminiscence about growing up in the Roanoke area titled "The Sugar Loaf Kids" by Edna Eller Snavely. [More]

William Jacob Eller

Mr. Eller

(William Jacob5, Chris4, Adam3, Jacob Jr2, Jacob Sr.1)

William Jacob married on 4 Mar 1884, Buncombe Co., NC, Sarah Ellen Barrett. He made his will in April 1889 and died at age 29 in the fall of that year.

He was a blacksmith. Ellen Barett's father was killed in the Civil War and her family was separated; she was reared by her Uncle Arthur and Aunt Rebecca Gibbins Moss; both Bill and Ellen are burried at Flat Creek Baptist Church Cernetery, Weaverville, Buncombe Co., NC. [More]

Looking For Gedcoms

We are searching for Gedcom files for the searchable database. We currently have about 48,000 names, which includes many other family lines and, as we keep submitted gedcoms separate by researcher, some duplicates.

We would love to be able to additional trees for any of the major Eller lines..

Please contact the webmaster if you can help.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Red Hill, PA


The site of the marriage of Jacob Eller and Eva Maria Goettge in 1753. Photo 1995 by J. Gerald Eller. [ More ]