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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Ellers Who Served in the Civil War

soldiersHundreds of Eller men took part in the American Civil War. There were Ellers on both sides of the conflict. The Eller Family Association is proud to present here information on more than 130 "Ellers Who Served in the Civil War," a collection of stories researched by Byron H. Eller.

Dr. Eller has done extensive research and his articles are well documented and offer much to the annals of Eller family history and will serve future generations of Eller historians in their studies.

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2019 Eller Conference - Wilkesboro, NC

Our 30+ year tradition continued in July with our bienial Eller Family Association conference in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Some 50 people attended all or part of the conference which featured presentations on a wide range of topics, tours and socializing. Special thanks to our hostess, Christine Eller Walker. . Click on the photo below for a larger image.

eller group


The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

For more information on the Eller Family Association, its officers, publications, DNA project, membership, news and conferences, click on the "EFA Info" tab in the horizontal menu above.

The Eller Family Association now has more than 50,000 names in our searchable, online database. There are some duplications, but most of those listed are there only once. In addition, there are now more than 470 photos linked to individuals. More than 530 headstones. There are some 140 research documents ranging from books with hundreds of pages to smaller one or two page biographies. These have been added to 18 years of our quarterly publication, “The Chronicles.” Those publications are all searchable.

All of this information is available without charge to the hundreds of Eller genealogists who visit our site regularly. But we need your help. While those of us working with the EFA are volunteers, there are costs that we must cover. Please consider joining our organization.

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Eller Cemetery Work Day

A half-dozen intrepid workers braved a chilly morning in North Georgia on November 9th to clear the underbrush and small trees on the “Old Smyrna Cemetery” in Hiawasse, Georgia.  The resting place for eleven people, the cemetery was neglected and, in the words of Steve Eller, in “pretty bad shape.”

Organized by Steve and accompanied by Korey Eller, Glen Dover, Larry Dover, Jimmy Berrong and Gerald Foster, the crew started with the lower section and the entrance road.  They plan to return again to work on the upper section.


Hardy Washington "Hard" Eller, Steve’s Great-grandfather, was buried at this cemetery in 1908. He also has an infant grandson, Homer Welborn, and a nephew, Jacob Eller, buried close to him. 

Hardy Washington's memorial is readable but, it is broken in two places and has been placed in an aluminum pan that was formed in the shape of the memorial. There are 11 people that have been identified as having been laid to rest at this cemetery. Only about 8 of the memorials are readable.

A James B Goddard was buried at Old Smryna in 1887. His stone indicates that he left this world by being murdered. Tilman C Justice/Justis took Goddard’s life because he thought Goddard had been telling the government about his corn whiskey operation. A shotgun was used and Goddard was beat with the stock of the shotgun after being shot in the face. Justice was caught, convicted and hung on the square in Hiawassee.

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Historical Profiles, Research Papers, Tributes and Articles From the Eller Family Association

Ellers Who Died in Vietnam

3 men who died in Vietnam

Three young Eller men died in the war in Vietnam. Two of them, Lawrence and Charles, were from the George Michael Eller line and were from Ashe County, North Carolina.  The third, John Eller, was from Norfolk, Virginia. His line is yet to be determined. 

We salute these men along with the dozens of others from our family who are veterans of that forgotten conflict.  [More Information]

Wilkes County "Bushwhackers"

graphic“Bushwhackers” was a term used to describe guerilla soldiers, often just thieves, who prayed on families in rural areas of “divided” states in the Civil War.  The mountain-areas of North Carolina, including Wilkes County, saw several such bands who terrorized the families of Confederate soldiers.

One such band of “bushwhackers,” Union deserters, set up in a log home on the Yadkin River in what was called Fort Hamby. 

From that location in 1864 and 1865, they conducted raids on homes in and around Wilkes County.  One such home was that of James Eller.

James Eller’s grandson, Paul Hubbell, was able to pull together family stories to tell of what his mother called “"some very exciting and trying experiences that were forced upon my parents, kindred and friends, in Wilkes County and not far distant from where these gangs operated."

“The Bushwhackers of Wilkes County” shines a light on a often-forgotten aspect of a war that terrorized families and neighbors.

Website Report

We're pleased to report that traffic to the Eller Family Association website has grown consistantly over the last several years. In 10 months of 2019, we've consistantly attracted more than 1,000 unique users each month. There are two months where there were more than 1,500 unique users and more than 400,000 page views.

We believe there are several "bots" consistantly harvesting the information and we've now seen links to our website frequently in both Google searches and referenced in some of the for-profit genealogy sites.


North Georgia Gathering

On a wet Saturday in October, a group of Eller's got together in Nacooche, GA for food, fun and entertainment. The bad weather hurt our attendance but we still had a good time. Door prizes were given away to several family members. The dinner buffett started about 5:30 and was enjoyed by all. Ed gave everyone information about the EFA and we had four new members to join. John Carter provided the entertainment with his guitar and songs. We can't brag on John enough, he did a great job.

There are numerous descendants of Susannah "Sukey" Ellerin the North Georgia Area. Our next get together date will be posted on the EFA Website and The Chronicles



Journey to the Absalom Eller Family Cemetery

graphicDuring the 2019 Eller Family Conference in Wilkesboro, Dan Liggett (left) and Harvey Powers (Right)decided to try and find the Absalom Eller family cemetery.

The most recent recording, over 25 years old, had it located off Parsonville Road. It wasn't possible to get to it that way.

So, Dan and Harvey hiked through the woods off Boone Trail Road, where they met the property owner who graciously took them to the cemetery.

The full story of the search and photos of the 11 stones that were found are linked below.

[ Journey to the Absalom Eller Family Cemetery ]
[ Absalom Eller in the Database | Pictures ]

Cemetery Images

tombstoneIn a continued effort to update our website with data to help our genelogical research, we have started to add cemetery information and photos.

As you know, the birth/death information of grave stones can be of immense help in documenting our ancestors.

We've now entered 567 grave stones in 58 counties. Thanks to Steve Eller who's provided the webmaster with a number of North Georgia headstone photos. We know we've just gotten started and so, we seek your help.

If you'd like to add a cemetery, click here for what we need and how to submit the information. We'll do the data entry. Just email it to the webmaster.

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Remembering Francis Eller

Ms EllerWe note the passing of Mary Francis Eller, a longtime member of the Eller Family Association and wife of John C. Eller of Rowan County, NC.

She was born on January 6, 1930 in Cabarrus County to the late Rev. Clyde D. Hopkins Sr. and Varnie Shue Hopkins. She passed away on Saturday, November 9, 2019, at the Novant Glenn A. Kiser Hospice House in Salisbury, NC.

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